Overview HPH

A 200 km, multiethnic, social hike that starts from the windy beaches of Essaouira and follows the coast of the Atlantic Ocean to Agadir, the capital of the Souss-Massa region to discover an authentic Moroccan reality.

The HPH4 will be two weeks full of adventure, social duties, and immersion in wild nature with a team formed without any prejudices. Our HPH team will be formed of a group of individuals from different backgrounds, beliefs, and abilities. However, everyone will be considered an important part of a big family whose relationships will be formed on the basis of mutual participation, respect, and a shared goal of making a difference. It is exactly this altruistic spirit that drove the well integrated group of about 25 volunteers in the past to overcome any obstacle and in working together we had great results in this great social project.

The approximately 200 km coastal journey is both beautiful and tiring. The hike is adorned by rocky cliffs and beaten paths that, counterbalancing the physical effort, can present stunning panoramas that have contributed to infusing harmony and peace within the group.

Waking up to stately wind turbines on Sidi Kaouki’s background; playing with the fresh water of Sidi M’barek’s cascades; eating a tajine in front of the magical Iftane beach; singing around a night fire on Tamri beach; were just a few of the great adventures the hikers had experienced together in a sharing a peaceful environment.

HPH volunteers in the past interacted with members of the small villages we visit during the hike. Volunteers have created social events, health workshops and, entertainment for children. Our principal goal is emphasizing positive behavior change through practical empowerment workshops that the whole team participates in.

It is with deep conviction that we say: ''Our patriotism must be practical, for this reason, our initiative is still forever, a practical hike, which aims to promote a culture for health and peace." We hope to have you join us future HPH's soon!